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Ever since the defeat of the oracle, the two fighters ascended into celestial beings. Their ascension caused a phenomenon causing humans to praise them as deities. As an apology, the oracle's daughter sent a gift known as Gearnium, a metal containing evolutionary powers, in order to befriend the humans. But, this metal was a parasite, enslaving human minds, and eventually caused them to 'Ascend'. Those who followed these deities became monsters. Those who refused were killed. A majority of the human race serves these deities. Those who followed them were known as the enlightened. Now, in a last ditch effort, rebellious humans refined a piece of Gearnium to contain the#same traits as the legendary Blaster Gear. The Rose Gear was built, and only two were made before the enlightened invaded the underground colony.

The sigil is set. Your fate is bound. The Crisis Rose has now bloomed.


Crisis Rose The Trial v0.16.zip 34 MB

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